In the branch, educational activities are carried out according to the modular-cyclic training system (MCTS), which involves the division of the educational semester into cycles and the study of one discipline (module) in the cycle. The schedule of classes is drawn up for each semester and contains a breakdown of the semester into cycles. The curriculum is implemented by a phased study of disciplines one after the other. The teacher works with one group during the cycle. Thus, the development of the module is carried out using modern technical means and pedagogical technologies, taking into account the peculiarities of assimilation of information among new generations of students.
Master’s classes take place in the evening for the convenience of combining study with work.

One of the elements of the MCTS educational process management is the student performance rating system, which allows to objectively and reliably assess the level of bachelors and masters’ training.

As part of the implementation of the MCTS, all training rooms have been equipped with multimedia equipment (projectors or televisions), wireless Wi-Fi is available in all points of the branch building.