Within the framework of the agreement of the branch of MPEI in Volzhsky with Ilmenau Technical University in Germany, students are given the opportunity to study under the program of double diplomas and master’s studies in Germany.
Students of the MPEI branch in Volzhsky also have the opportunity to study as part of a summer course in Germany, which is part of the preparation for the double diploma program. The duration of the summer course is one month.

During the day, students are engaged in groups corresponding to their knowledge of the German language: from А1 to В2, in two areas: Deutschland Erleben and Fachsprache Technik. After couples, students attend tours of the university and energy enterprises. On weekends, they travel around Thuringia and get acquainted with the culture of Germany along with «classmates» of the head university of MPEI. Students receive a summer study scholarship in Ilmenau, which covers the cost of studying and living on campuses. Also, the branch of MPEI in Volzhsky allocates scholarships, thanks to which part of the cost of summer school in Germany is compensated.

Cooperation of MPEI branch in Volzhsky with Ilmenau Technical University has been carried out since 2017. Then one branch student took part in the summer school. In 2018, two students visited Ilmenau. In 2019, in the summer, 7 students of MPEI branch in Volzhsk went to the Technical University of Ilmenau in Germany.